Reports in the Airtory Studio

You can schedule hourly, daily and weekly reports from the Airtory Studio

We understand that there are several stakeholders involved in executing an ad campaign and everybody needs to be clued in about the campaign performance. The Airtory Studio allows you to schedule reports to them to keep a track of performance.

  • On clicking the REPORTS tab from the Side Bar in the Airtory Studio, you will see a screen where you can create and schedule reports
  • Click on the NEW REPORT button at the bottom right of the screen to generate a report
  • Here, you will be asked to enter details for the report:
      • Report Name
      • The Time Zone in which you would like the data to be filtered
      • The frequency in which you would like to send the report
        • One Time
        • Daily
        • Weekly
        • Monthly Report Frequency
      • The email addresses to which you would like to schedule the reports
    • FILTER: by the content of the report
      • Date Range: for which the report should contain the data. The different options are –
        • Yesterday
        • Last 7 days
        • Last 30 days
        • Custom: where you can set the custom date range
      • Creatives for which the report needs to be sent –
        • On clicking the SELECT CREATIVES button, a pop-up appears with the list of the active campaigns in your account
        • After clicking on the campaign name, the list of the active creatives appears from which you can select the creatives for which you wish to schedule reports
      • After this, you can specify the range of the data breakdown you would like to present in the Report:
        • Hourly
        • Daily
        • Monthly
      • Lastly, you can select the different performance metrics that should be included in the report
  • Once all the fields are defined, click on the EXPORT button at the bottom right of the screen and your Report is good to go
  • The Report will be sent in an XLS format to all the email addresses mentioned
  • After setting up the report, you will be able to view it in the Reports section of the Airtory Studio
  • You can perform any of the below actions for the report from this window:
    • Pause
    • Edit
    • Download
    • Delete
Airtory studio reports

You can set up separate reports for Display Creative, Video Creatives, Trackers, Standard Creatives and Landing Pages.