Exporting Display Ads in the Airtory Studio

Once the creative set up is done, the Ad Tag is ready to be exported and implemented

After completing the creative set up process, the ad is now ready to be Exported and implemented.

Follow the below steps to get a ready-to-use Ad Tag from the Airtory Studio.

Once the creative is made, your screen will look like the below, where you can see:

Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 6.26.12 PM

  • The preview of the creative
  • Shareable preview link of the creative
    • You can also generate a PIN-protected preview URL to share the creative preview with only a selected audience

Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 6.26.33 PM

  • QR Code to view the creative on a mobile device on scanning
  • The Ad Tag has default Macros inserted. However, for specific media partners, the Macros vary:
    • Before Copying the Ad Tag, select the media partner being used for trafficking the campaign from the drop-down menu
    • On selecting, the respective Macros will automatically be inserted
  • If the creative is going to be served in-app, please check the in-app integration box
  • Once done, you can download the Ad Tag by clicking the DOWNLOAD TAG button on the bottom left
  • The Ad Tag can be copied onto the clipboard by clicking on COPY TAG button on the bottom right
  • There is also a direct link to the Statistics page of this particular creative from this page
  • The Top of the screen would show you the Creative Name and the respective Campaign it is a part of. Here there is a shortcut to add more creatives to the Campaign. On Clicking, you will be led back to the campaign summary page where you can view all creatives in the campaign.

SS 6

  • All Ad Tags of a particular campaign can be downloaded from the Campaign Summary Page
    • Click on Hamburger Symbol on the extreme right of the campaign details tab to view a drop-down menu
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD button to download the Ad Tags of all creatives in that particular campaign in an Excel file

SS 7

On exporting the ad tags, you can implement it within the dashboard of your chosen media partner – DSPs or direct publishers.